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Exquisite passion

Since 1897, the year when the first Browning gun was made, millions, even tens of millions, of shotguns and rifles for hunting or target shooting have been created and manufactured by Browning.

The inventor of the semi-automatic shotgun, Over-and-Under shotgun and, semi-automatic rifle, and most recently, an Over-and-Under gun with the lowest action frame and fastest firing system on the market.

This has left its mark on the history of gun-making with a wide array of models, all different, but with one thing in common – their reliability and their unparalleled levels of performance. Every day, throughout the world, Browning guns, old or new, smooth-bore or rifled, perform on the range or for hunting, providing great pleasure for their owners.

Target shooters, hunters, and collectors can find in these fascinating items a pleasure that is renewed endlessly. Among makes of weapons, just as with makes of watches or cars, there are some whose history is part of the reputation of the entire industry. Browning,for example.













Since the time we began talking about it, it’s here at last!!!

Discover a new way of hunting big game … faster, more ergonomic, safer … in short, more efficient!!!
Forget everything you’ve learnt until now and discover the new MARAL rifle …

Equipped with the Quick Reloading System, a patented servo-bolt return system, the Maral offers speed never matched by a rifle until now. On the new Maral, the re-cocking lever returns automatically in a straight line and at constant speed. As a result, the pushing phase no longer exists when re-cocking your rifle, which means that the shooter saves time and can concentrate purely on firing and the target in his sights, without having to think about reloading his rifle.

In a hide or on a “battue”, with just one easy gesture: Pull on the bolt, release it and the Maral reloads and locks itself in place with a metallic snap … quite simply …exceptional!

Just a few weeks away from the beginning of the hunting season, Browning has launched a brand-new technical masterpiece that will doubtlessly offer you marvellous sensations and memorable moments when hunting …

Discover the Maral and all its features on: !

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Browning Team

Our legendary over-and-under gun, the B725 is making its come-back in a brand-new version with a revolutionary, expressive look and an air of authority.

Its completely black action frame, its modern design engravings, its 4/5 grade walnut stock and its self-confident lines give the new B725 over-and-under gun a very sturdy character ?€¦

Rediscover the B725?€™s special low action frame with its perfect balance, its ultra-high performance mechanical breaking system for exceptional sensations, its INFLEX II new-generation recoil pads for peak comfort, its Back-Bored Vector Pro barrel and its Invector DS Extended chokes for perfect targeting at any range.

You no longer need to choose between technology and style, adopt the new B725 Black Edition !

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Browning team